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Quick Guide

What is it? is a web service so that similarly skilled skiers may find one another in over 5000 ski resorts all over the world.

Presentation of the search results. Examples of suggestions shown when typing a ski resort.

How to use it?

If it's the first time you're searching, you must fill in the Initial Form and you'll receive a link in your mailbox with the search results, based on the information you provided(if you log in with Facebook you´ll save these steps).

Home page of Alguien Para Esquiar. E-mail with the link to access for the firs time.

Thereafter, you've got several options, such as exploring matching user profiles, refining search results, filling in your profile or uploading a photo of yours. If you find another skier with similar preferences, you can exchange contact information right there, that is, you will both receive contact information of one another in your inboxes, and you'll be free to contact each other using the system of your choice. There is also a chat and messages with alerts available.

List of skiers that match your search.   Skier profile.   Enlarged photo of a skier.

To enter once again to the system, if your web browser doesn't remember your information, you're not obligated to set a user and password, you'll be able to login just with your email address. If you don't wish to depend on your inbox for each login, then you may set a user and password, and use them just like any other system. Besides, if another skier is interested in skiing with you, you'll receive an email with his or her preferences, ski resorts he or she is attending, as well as dates and contact information, and a link to see his updated profile.

Login without password.   Login with password.   Login by e-mail reception.

Will I have to pay anything?

The idea is that while you use it to share ski days with other people, you'll never have to pay anything.

If, however, you wish to offer other services (such as hosting, translation, filming, etc.), namely, use this system to promote different services that you wish to offer, and in this way, make a profit when you go skiing, we will ask you for an input of money, because in a near future, this type of services will be what keep the site up and running. This way we will be able to invest more time and resources in improving it; analyzing, designing and implementing new features that users suggest. That is to say you can use this system to promote different services that you want to offer and make money when going to ski.

At the moment all this es free! More information after doing thefirst search in the option String Pagos.

Profile with Paid String (services that a skier can lend to another). Modifying profile of a skier with Paid String activated.

What is the difference between and

None, except for the language they use. Both sites share the same database of users, and are the same software. That being said, a user from is shown in and vice versa. The same occurs when a new functionality is added; same functionality will be displayed in both sites at the same time. It may be the case that a translation is delayed in one of two sites, or that some users may have written information in another language, thus, if you're interested in displaying your information in more than one language, you'll have to write it separated by a slash"/". Eg: "I have got a GoPro camera / Tengo una GoPro". - The English version. - The Spanish version.

Why look for a partner to ski with?

Skiing is a sport with unique features. It goes way back to 8,000 B.C., and is still making huge leaps forward in many aspects, such as equipment, commodities that ski resorts provide, and new ways to practice it. It's not the cheapest of sports, and even though the advance in equipment has facilitated the learning curve for beginners, it's not every day that acquaintances practice this sport, and those who do, probably have very different levels, which comes in the way of sharing a ski day with them as one would desire.

Skiing, one of the oldest sports in the world,
continues to be perfected year after year.

It is the fastest way to travel on land without any engines, and adding the different mountain slopes in which you can ski, we come across infinity of different levels and ways of skiing. Finding someone to travel with and to go to a ski resort, may not be such a difficult task, being so attractive to each skier. But, when time comes to put your skies on the snow and enjoy with someone that you don´t have to wait for, can be a challenge. This web site is a tool to accomplish this in a simple way!

Regardless of being a sport that one may practice alone, it's interesting to do it with other people. Taking a chance to discover new places to ski down a mountain, is part of the essence of the sport, and, doing it by yourself might turn out to be quite risky, added to the fact that later on, you won't be able to share with others the joy of having succeeded. That's why our advice is not to ski by yourself, but do it with someone your same level. Although you might be sharing your vacations with familiars or friends, you might not be able to find in this group of people someone with your same skill set. But it's granted you will find someone in the ski resort you're attending. And our project is to be the ideal tool to find it. Encourage everyone to use so it´s easier to find skiers.

Two people with the same level of skiing,
makiing slalom on deep snow.

By which features can I search?

There are several options, and each day we think of new ways to improve it, hearing our users' suggestions and analyzing different search situations that may present themselves in different snowy corners of the world. It's an essential part of our job to go skiing and stay in touch with people that do so all over the world, to get to know the different possibilities in a possible search, trying to include all circumstances that a system may handle regarding the pursuit of skiers.

Form to configure the search of other skiers.

By expanding all options in the Main Search Form, you'll be able to find and complete diverse features, and at the same time the Configure Search will enable you to differentiate who you are, from who you're looking for. Nevertheless, here you'll be able to find the main features by which you can search:

  • Ski places (countries, areas, resorts, etc.)
  • Sport (ski, snowboard, etc.)
  • Dates and times of the day to go skiing.
  • Type of terrain to ski in (off-piste, type of ski slope, forests, canyons etc.)
  • Level and way of skiing (cautious, normal, risky, extreme, etc.)
  • Personal features (man, woman, group, ages, where they're from, langauge, etc.)
  • Exchange of knowledge and services (Filming, sharing equipment, teaching, etc.)
  • Activities related to the sport (after ski, having lunch by groups, traveling, etc.)
  • Ways of getting to the resort (by car, by bus, walking, etc.)
  • Sharing a trip (where from, by what means, how to handle expenses, what each one may offer, etc.)
  • What information the user exchanges, to contact each other (e-mail, Facebook, phone number, Whatsapp or Skype)

Given the case that you don't fill in the Configure Search, it will be filled in automatically according to the information you've previously completed, thereby achieving an adequate search.

Complete form to modify the profile.   Complete form to modify search parameters.

How can I ensure that in the ski resorts that I frequent there are many users?

This is really important, so that, wherever you go, the web site has sense.

And for this you can recommend the site in forums and pages by placing links. This way, you´ll find new users associated with the ski resort you go to and, with this, increase the possibilities of finding someone of your same level. It is a viral way of recommending it.

But also, in that link, you can include your e-mail and, in that way, control how many entered thanks to your publication, because in the future, we intend to benefit according to users who have accessed the system thanks to you. For this you don´t need to complete any form, neither to register, nor look for; just include your e-mail in the link as it´s indicated in the option "Recommend Site". Then, from the same web page request counting reports, as many times as you want and, in the future, learn about the benefits you will receive for helping to share this web site and filled with fans of winter sports from all over the world.

Page that explains how to recommend this web site and
informs how many clicks there has been thanks to your recommendations. Example of a recommendation on Facebook:
who clicks on the publication will be counted as recommended by the publisher.

Another way is to share it on Facebook. At the end of each search, you´ll find buttons so you can share on your wall, a friend´s wall, in a group or a private message, for any ski resort of your interest or areas that include it. Anyone who searches for the first time by clicking on your Facebook posting, will also be registered as recommended by you.

In which ski places can I search for someone?

In this moment the system is considering 5101 ski resorts, grouped in 326 zones which are distributed in 85 countries with 251 divisions within them. Also there are 2438 cities associated to those ski resorts, to simplify the search by near city (e.g: instead of entering "Catedral Alta Patagonia" you can enter "Bariloche").

You can search by continent, country, division inside that country, areas, ski resorts, nearby city or future ways of indicating where you wish to ski, having the liberty of being as specific as you wish, and combining different preferences for each place.

There are many ski resorts in the world that belong to more than one country or region because they're in a landform (such as a mountain range) that act as a limit, as well as areas that don't always concur with the political division, but are a better explanation of the place one wishes to ski in (for example, it's not the same saying "I wish to ski in the Pyrenees", and "I wish to ski in Spain, Andorra or France" which is much wider and can be far away from where you really want to go skiing).

Examples of ski resorts that belong to more than one country or area.   Suggestions for skiing places when writing 'Alps'.

The possibilities of expressing the ski places are one of the most newfangled of this site, putting aside the traditional tree-like classifications and utilizing information structures and complex search algorithms, thought exclusively for this sport and the places which it's practiced in, that will enable you to find your ideal ski partners.

Below, you can search for the place you look for to see if we have it in our database. In case it did not exist, please let us know by here, so we can include it and, by this, be able to provide the service in all the skii resorts you know:

Find ski areas:

In case you were not able to use the previous element on your browser, down below there is a list of all the places the system considers at this moment, for you to verify if it is located in a certain place (you can look with Ctrl+F in Windows or ⌘+F in MAC):Chapelco (San Martín de los Andes), Los ZzZ, Las Leńas (Las Leńas), Siete Lagos, Catedral Alta Patagonia (San Carlos de Bariloche), France, Cerro Castor, Europe, North America, Argentina, Cerro Bayo (Villa la Angostura), Sierra Nevada, Espace Killy (Val d'Isčre-Tignes) (Tignes 1550 Les Brévičres, Tignes 1800 Les Boisses, Tignes 2100 Le Lac, Tignes Val Claret, Tignes-Le Lavachet, Val d'Isčre 1850, Val d'Isčre La Daille, Val d'Isčre Le Fornet), Batea Mahuida, Austria, Andorra, Africa, Park City, Osorno, Cantabrian Mountains/Cordillera Cantábrica, Vail (Vail), Pucón/Villarrica (Pucón), Caviahue (Caviahue-Copahue), Valdesqui (Navacerrada, Rascafría), Neuquén (Province), Italy, United States, Spain, South America, Australia and Oceania, Chamrousse (Chamrousse 1650 - Le Recoin, Chamrousse 1700 - Domaine de l'Arselle, Chamrousse 1750 - Roche-Béranger), Antillanca (Puyehue), Ushuaia, Pyrenees, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Chile, Whistler Blackcomb (Whistler), Breckenridge (Breckenridge), Formigal (Formigal), Aspen Highlands (Aspen), Los Penitentes (Los Penitentes), La Hoya, 3-5 Pigadia (Naousa/??????), Stafdalur (Seyđisfjörđur), Portes du Soleil, Aspen, Turkey, Les 3 Vallées (Brides-les-Bains, Courchevel 1300 - Le Praz, Courchevel 1550, Courchevel 1650, Courchevel 1850, La Tania, Les Menuires, Méribel, Méribel-Mottaret, Méribel-Village, Orelle, Reberty, Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, Val Thorens), Ischgl-Samnaun (Silvretta Arena) (Ischgl, Samnaun), View all...

Ski resorts contemplated marked on a map.

Is the tablet and cellphone version the same as the desktop version?

Functionally yes, although there are small details as adaptations proper to each device, which sometimes lead to different distributions, redactions and interactivity, but all can do exactly the same. (The device where you are seeing this was detected as desktop, If you want to see it as cell phone or tablet, click here).

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How may I contact the site authors?

The recommended way is the Contact Form, in which you will be able to:

Contact form with the authors of the site - Report an error with a ski restort. Contact form with the authors of the site - Suggest the addition of a new area to group the ski resorts. Contact form with the authors of the site - Inform the interest of working with us.

Where and how is made?

Nestled in Lanín National Park, in the Argentinean Patagonia (South America), is the city of San Martín de los Andes (Neuquén Province), where this site was developed. The social life, the great international tourism and the aptitude of the native people, make this place ideal for the development of this web application, that seeks to include all winter sports from all ski resorts around the globe.

Only 11 miles away, is Chapelco, one of the international ski resorts from the southern hemisphere that attract skiers from all over the world between the months of June and September. Chapelco is an ideal choice for all type of people, ski level and preference. Ski slopes of all degrees, off-piste, wooded areas and areas where the landscape is completely different, interesting canyons, snow parks and 12 different lifts. Added to the proximity to San Martín de los Andes, a place with exquisite cuisine and hospitality, make this the first and best option for foreigners all over the world.

This allows a permanent communication with the ski world, that makes a difference with similar search engines, because in all the software development process, from the requirement making to the testing, our minds were set in the worldwide population of skiers, which result in the permanent incorporation of new ideas and bettering existing ones.

However, it's quite important that users frequently use the Contact form with the authors of the site, so that we can add new ski resorts, new functionalities, and correct mistakes that you point out, or simply to hear what's causing you trouble and feel that we might improve.

Every comment from our users is taken in to account, even though they might be grouped with similar suggestions by a process of analysis and requirement engineering, adding the organization of data and/or the design of new functionalities, apart from a meticulous implementation and testing that result in your ideas and corrections being captured in the online version.

Disengagement of the chair "Rancho Grande" in Chapelco   Main street of San Martín de los Andes in winter. Off-piste skiing in Chapelco. In the background, the Andes mountain range separating Argentina from Chile.
In the center the Volcano Lanín and below, the zone where is San Martin de los Andes, city were this web site is developed.

Photos: Above: Disengagement of the chair "Rancho Grande" in Chapelco / Main street of San Martín de los Andes in winter / Below: Off-piste skiing in Chapelco. In the background, the Andes mountain range separating Argentina from Chile. In the center the Volcano Lanín and below, the zone where is San Martin de los Andes, city were this web site is developed.

System designed and deployed in
San Martín de los Andes | Neuquén | Argentine Patagonia

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